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Interactive Video Player & Instant Social Image

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Here Are Details of Instant Social Image

"Finally! A Fast & Easy Way To Encourage Social Sharing, Increase Reader Engagement, And Create A Beautiful Blog!"


How many times have you heard that "Content is king"? It's a pretty common statement, but the truth is, content isn't as powerful as it once was.

Sure, it used to be king, back in the early days of the Internet when everyone was on dial up and text - which loaded fast - was the only thing we could get.

Today, though, it's a whole new world. Connections are fast, attention spans are short, and your readers are demanding more than just words. They want videos and audio and lots and lots of pictures.

The Importance of Images on Your Blog


Aside from offering your readers new and engaging ways to consume your content by providing video and audio options, images are increasingly becoming "must have" items for every blog post. Here's why:

  • Images "break up" long passages of text and give your readers a place to stop and rest before continuing.
  • Images help get your point across in new, interesting ways.
  • Images are the currency of social media. Facebook posts with an image have better engagement, Twitter now allows you to include images, and Pinterest and Instagram are all about the image - no text at all.

Introducing Instant Social Image

Never again will you have to pay extravagant prices for high-end software, struggle to learn basic functions, or wait for someone else to do the job. This clever WordPress plugin makes it easy to create and use beautiful social friendly images on any blog or website.


Instant Social Image offers an incredibly simple and fast way for you to create stunning, sharable images right from your WordPress dashboard. You'll enjoy...

  • One-click installation so you'll be up and running fast - no complex settings or arcane functions to learn.
  • Easy access within your post editor - no extra software to launch or websites to log into.
  • Built-in royalty free backgrounds so you can instantly create graphics on the fly.
  • Ability to upload your own background images for total control over the look and feel of your site.
  • 10 font choices give your social friendly graphics the exact look you want.
  • Automatic uploading of finished images to both your post and your media folder, so you can use them again and again and you'll always know where they are.
  • Unlimited color choices to match the style of any blog.
  • Automatic branding with your blog name for better reach and influence.
  • Point and click text alignment - no more fiddling with cryptic controls.
  • Easy line-break controls let you place text exactly where you want it.
  • Independent controls for text and branding ensure your social images convey your message clearly while still maintaining your brand.
  • Instant previews to ensure your images looks right before it appears on your post.
  • Easy to use on both posts and pages.

Beautify Your Blog And
Grow Your Social Influence


You no longer have to have a degree in design and a PhD in Photoshop to create visually engaging and social friendly graphics for your blog. Instant Social Image - the WordPress plugin that creates beautiful graphics right inside your blog's dashboard - is easy to use and simple to install.

Without ever opening a photo editor or logging into a different website, you can add eye-catching images, quotes and inspirational messages to any blog post or page, all in less time that it takes to launch Photoshop.

No design skills? No problem. With point and click controls, Instant Social Image makes it easy to align text, try out different fonts, and play with color combinations until your image looks exactly the way you want it to.


And Don't Forget These Added Benefits...

Quality & Safety Always
We use the latest industry standards and best practices in our coding to ensure safety and website security. We maintain and update our plugins as necessary so you can feel confident that your website is not left vulnerable to hackers and wrong doers.

Auto Updates
As with all our plugins, we offer updates directly from within the wordpress plugin admin area.

Massive Niche & Audience
WordPress is widely regarded as one of the best platforms to host your blog or website. Many clients are using WordPress as a CMS because of it's extreme ease of use and large number of plugins made available. Automating the social sharing of your sites content will increase your engagement with your audiences across many of your social accounts.

Outstanding Support
We support our clients to ensure their satisfaction and success. We offer several channels of communication. From our real time instant chat channels on our sales pages to our support desk & knowledgebase, all questions and issues are seen and responded to in a timely manner.


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Interactive Video Player - Developer Unlimited Site License
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